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wait !!!! no one wants nfl playeRS to be injured- i don"t AND neither should you ......DOEESN'T MATTER IF THAT NFL GUY IS A RAPIST OR A PHILANTHROPIST (TAX DEDUCTIONS). keep the game safe within its fairly dangerous context....I was a strong Steelers fan until impersonated...I own a Lions gameday shirt, used the steeler shirt as a car wash rag and then trashed it...Now a college student; learned to cook this summer from a dear mennonite friend; My dad says if I ever bring home or am seen with a slob like #7 of the steelers -I would need to earn an income. Ogress size female in PA impersonates me , claims she is me and my sports blog postings..steelers say its true. So just check the eyes- some matron in PA says she's Marilyn Post she needs this shade of blue eyes and this shade of blonde hair from the root. Always a good thing to stand up for the US Constitution even if it benefits a slob obscenity of a QB in The Burgh.

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